Ruby Ridge DVDs

If you’re interested in knowing more about the events at Ruby Ridge, dvds are your best option, as they offer you information both in video and audio form. The Siege at Ruby Ridge is a documentary very well done, which is directed by Roger Young and it stars Randy Quaid and Laura Dern, among others.

The DVD talks about the events from Ruby Ridge, from 1992, when a few hundred agents from the FBI, together with tanks, choppers and rifles, surrounded the cabin of Randy Weaver, a White Supremacist living in Idaho, in Ruby Ridge. The assault came as consequence of Weaver resisting arrest from the federal agents. At the end of the 11 days of standoff, the son and the wife of the white supremacist were both dead, and Weaver finally surrendered. This movie was nominated for an Emmy. Besides Randy Quaid and Laura Dern, other actors in the movie were Diane Ladd and Kirsten Dunst.

Overall, the movie is balanced and quite fair. Thanks to Rodger Young, the director, the movie presents a correct view of the Ruby Ridge situation, which wasn’t slanted or tainted. The movie doesn’t present anyone as the good or the bad guys. The one character that might be portrayed as negative is the US marshal called Stagg, which requests additional troops when he sees that the newspaper shows interest to the situation.

Ruby Ridge DVDs The movie/documentary is based on a Jess Walter book, called Every Knee Shall Bow. In the movie, you see an accurate portrayal of the Weaver family, with hints of separatism, racism and a few religious points of view. While you wouldn’t want the Weavers as neighbors, the result of the conflict with the federal authorities was far from ideal. The movie’s script was written by Lionel Chetwind.

Laura Dern played in good movies before, but her skill went up considerably with the role of Vicki, from the movie/documentary about Ruby Ridge. The person she portrays isn’t well guided, but she sure isn’t a violent one, and actually asks of Randy to give up talking with skinheads, which he does. She plays her role well and you can really see the connection between her and her family. Quaid also plays a very good role and acts like a man that is conflicted, while trying to keep his family together. As for the small kid, his role is interpreted by Jacob Davis. The kid’s name is actually Sammy Weaver and he is 14 years old in the movie. It was a great performance, which made the kid a favorite of the audience.

All in all, the movie presents Weaver as a good dad and husband, but with character flaws, being a petty thief and a bigot. The federal authorities framed Weaver and managed to botch the case, without any possible excuses. They screwed up big time and the movie says it. You don’t see any perfectly good or bad guys here. Everyone has faults and makes mistakes; there are no angels in this story. It builds the entire scene with everything that went wrong, so you don’t see a single thing that screwed up everything, but the whole picture. There were multiple causes for this situation and the movie presents them all. The worst part is that nobody listened to anyone else, so they couldn’t avoid the disaster from happening.