Ruby Ridge Books

In 1992, on a very hot and beautiful summer day, some gunfire was heard in the northern part of Idaho, just at the south of Canada, at Ruby Ridge. In that incident three people were killed and a small war started as a result. The war was between a family which was heavily armed and comprised of many members, and the law enforcement officers. After the incident, the government started a big investigation to discover Randy Weaver’s past and that of his family. They have traced his paths and all that he did. All that investigation has led the government to the conclusion that the Weavers must be treated as a family full of criminals.

This book presents the story of Ruby Ridge, a very tragic event that ended up destroying the Weaver family. The events also brought down a man that was no. 2 on the FBI’s most wanted list and shuck the lives of many Americans around the country.

After this event many people turned their attention to the problems of too much power in the hands of the federal government. The book is well written, highly analytical and very informative. The book makes reading easy as it presents the two parts of the story and not just one side. The Weaver family is looked upon with objectivity and a lot of information is offered. Many people say that before reading the book they did not understand all the details of the event at Ruby Ridge and that the book helped them see it all. Randy Weaver is presented as a person that made regrettable choices but he is also portrayed as a man that did not have to lose his wife and run.

Ruby Ridge Books The government implication is clearly shown in the book, just as it happened. They present how the agent has opened fire on a woman that had a baby in her arms. They also explain what happened to the family, up to the day of the shooting. The book is truly remarkable and also disturbing.

They show Vicki and Randy Weaver from the day that they were married and up to when they moved to Idaho and had children. They show their marriage with ups and downs. They explain how ATF and US Marshall Services were interested in Randy and how they spoke to him. The book explains how things got worst. It presents both sides and also follows the survivors. The book is very interesting and it debates the lack of tolerance to what the others believe in. It also says that we must be tolerant and let others believe in whatever they want as long as they cause no harm. The book says how agent and government people have taken wrong decisions based on just a few details.

Randy’s family has been clearly dissected and the relationships between them are clearly analyzed. The family just wanted to be left alone, with their beliefs but they had been pushed to the breaking point. Everybody from the surrounding environment attacked them again and again. The book offers excellent details over a story that still has some mystery, even today. The book is great at presenting the information well and also in an easy to read way. It does not have unnecessary information and boring details. The style is alert and keeps your focus. It is a book that everyone should read and also understand the facts presented in its pages.