Randy Weaver

Randall Claude Weaver is an ex Green Beret that has been at the center of a confrontation with a number of federal agents in Idaho, at Ruby Ridge, in 1992. Randall was born on the 3rd of January, 1948.

Randy was the only son in a family that had another three girls and his parents were Wilma and Clarence Weaver, from Villisca, Iwo. The parents were very religious and they shared many religious views like Baptist, Evangelical and Presbyterian. Weaver had good grades in school and he did a lot of sports. He said he believes in Jesus but later on he became an atheist. During the Vietnam War, Weaver quit the community college and he joined the Army in October 1968. He has excelled in the military career and he soon became a part of the Green Beret units. After a short training, Weaver became a sergeant in the Green Berets. His first task was in North Carolina, at Fort Bragg. He resented that assignment. He did not like it at all and he became bitter. He soon waited for deployment, so he could go to Vietnam.

Weaver had a leave from Fort Bragg in 1970, when he returned to his hometown and informed the family about his plans. At the time, he was great friends with Jordison.

Randy Weaver Weaver has been charged with multiple crimes, all related to the Ruby Ridge incident. He was charged for 10 counts in total, and some of them were murder. His defense was handled by the attorney Gerry Spence, who said that what Weaver did was self defense. Weaver was acquitted by the jury but he was found guilty on one count – failure to appear before the court. For this, Weaver did 18 months in prison and paid $10.000. He only did 3 months.

Also, on August 1995, Weaver filed for a civil lawsuit with the federal government. In that lawsuit he won $100.000 for Vicki and Sammy’s deaths. After a few years, in September 2000, Harris received another $380,000, a minor settlement from the government. Weaver then showed up, in 1996, with Gritz, in order to help the FBI in the Montana Freeman incident but the offer was declined.

The District Attorney for the Boundary County in Idaho has charged Horiuchi, in 1997, with manslaughter. That punishment has been then removed by the federal jurisdiction. Kevin Harris has also been charged with murdering Bill Degan. But he was acquitted by the court. His attorney has indicated all the facts and he was acquitted.

In 2000, the famous Randy Weaver went to visit the place of the ex Branc Davidian church. That church was in Texas, in Waco. The church had burned to the ground in 1993 and many women, children and men were killed that day. By the time Weaver had visited, they have already rebuilt the church. Many people believed back then that the government had burned the complex on purpose. Weaver told everybody that he supports that idea. The visit at the church has been greatly documented by a British journalist called Jon Ronson. That journalist had spoken of that incident in one episode from his 5 part documentary called Secret Rulers of the World, interestingly named "The Legend of Ruby Ridge”.